Leverage Your Existing 3D Data.

Consistently use your 3D data: from design to after sales

3D model in spare parts catalog

Save time and money when creating your 3D spare parts catalogs and service information systems

We offer solutions for using your existing 3D data from CAD systems directly and automatically for the creation of 3D spare parts catalogs and service information systems. Save time and money and offer your customers and internal departments a future-oriented, digital user experience!

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Common problem: unused potential makes work more difficult

Today, more than 90% of manufacturing companies use CAD systems to design their products, machines, equipment or plants. However, only a limited number of companies make the 3D data available to other internal departments or customers for further use.

This creates two separate worlds within a company:

3D CAD data

Engineers and designers use 3D data in CAD systems.

CAD data

Derived 2D graphics

Other departments such as technical documentation, support, the after-sales department, spare parts sales or customer consulting have no access to the CAD systems and can therefore only work independently with the derived 2D graphics.

2D data

The derivation of the data alone costs time and money, which can be saved by directly using 3D data.

2D data

Possible proneness to errors during use

For example, if a support employee receives a call from a customer who has a question about a specific component of a machine, it is difficult for the support employee to understand which component it might be, using only 2D data.

Wouldn't it be easier if the support employee could take a virtual view of the machine from the same angle as the customer live on site and also see inside an assembly?

Leverage existing 3D data for your after sales

What many companies do not realize: There is a lot of potential when it comes to the company-wide use of 3D data!

3D data from the CAD system can be used directly for creating a spare parts catalog automatically or manually, or within technical documentation. We offer a wide range of solutions for this.

This first requires a conversion of the 3D data into a lightweight format. This makes the 3D data usable for other systems without losing relevant information.

3D catalog
3D spare parts catalog on tablet

Subsequently, both 3D and automatically generated 2D graphics can be displayed and used interactively in an integrated manner in our PARTS-PUBLISHER and CATALOGcreator® software solutions: no matter which browser, platform or device is used!

Each part of the illustrations is directly linked to the corresponding data in the parts list as well as to the integrated technical documentation.

Find out what benefits 3D visualizations bring to users of your 3D spare parts catalog in our blog post 3 Advantages of 3D Spare Parts Catalogs for Users.

It is possible to configure which information should be displayed and to what level of detail in the spare parts catalog or service information system. This makes it possible for other internal departments to use the existing 3D data without needing access to your CAD systems.

Find out more about the essential uses of 3D data in the spare parts catalog or service information system for your internal departments and customers in our blog post Use Cases for the Application of 3D Models in After Sales.

Consistently use your 3D data: from design to after sales

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Your advantages at a glance:

  • The automatic generation of exploded views and single part representations from the 3D model data leads to cost and time savings when creating spare parts catalogs or service documentation.
  • You enable fast, efficient, and easy use of 3D data in all relevant departments within the company - without the need for additional licenses for CAD systems and training efforts for the use of these systems.
  • Access to the digital spare parts catalog, the service information system or the service portal is possible and easy to understand for both internal departments and customers. The 3D data offers a high level of information through high-quality visualizations.
  • Your valuable 3D data is protected against imitation and re-engineering by various security mechanisms. Read more about this topic in our blog post Security in 3D Spare Parts Catalogs - 4 Key Principles.

Variety of uses

This is what 3D data in the service information system offers your internal departments and customers

Technical writer

Technical writers

  • Independently create graphics from different angles
  • Create animations for repair and assembly instructions
Support staff

Support staff

  • Identify parts in the customer's machine directly on the 3D model
  • Reduce error rate through more accurate identification
  • Increase customer satisfaction
Service technician

Service technician

  • Access 3D data in the service information system while in the field to identify spare parts
  • Use interactive repair and installation instructions
After sales manager

After-sales department

  • Identify the right spare parts quickly and easily
  • Reduce incorrect orders
  • Identify cross-sell and up-sell potential with customers
  • Increase after-sales revenue


  • Making machines, devices and systems tangible and understandable through 3D visualizations
  • Enable the use of augmented reality and virtual reality
Sales manager

Your customers

  • Direct access to the 3D data of their machines or systems in use
  • Identify required spare parts quickly and easily
  • Order spare parts directly online

Create a 3D spare parts catalog in 3 steps:

Convert - Edit – Publish

The creation of 3D spare parts catalogs is basically done in 3 steps:


Conversion of the 3D data

CAD data


Editing of the 3D data

Create catalog


Publishing of the 3D data in the spare parts catalog

3D spare parts catalog on tablet

Quanos brochure about 3D data

There are different technologies and procedures for this process.

You can find more detailed information in our brochure:

Leverage your existing 3D data

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Discover now the possibilities of a browser- and platform-independent display of your 3D data!

For interested parties:

Are you thinking about digitizing your service processes and want to maximize your service revenue with a modern service information system and integrated 3D spare parts catalogs?

We will show you how this is possible with your data!

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We create a free 3D demo catalog with your data just for you*

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For existing customers:

You already use PARTS-PUBLISHER or CATALOGcreator® and would like to know whether your 3D data is suitable for use in your spare parts catalog?

Then take advantage of our exclusive 3D offer:

Free check of your 3D data and creation of a free 3D demo catalog**

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We are your partner for 3D spare parts catalog projects

Trust in our expertise. We have long-standing technology partnerships with CAD and 3D software providers (e.g. Lattice Technology, Kisters, Autodesk, Dassault Systemes and SolidWorks). With our partners and our extensive tool set, we have already successfully implemented numerous 3D spare parts catalog projects.

We would be happy to support you as well!


„We save about 280 hours annually in catalogue creation - which is a good man-month of working time - since we use our 3D design data from Inventor directly for the catalogue production.“
Helmut Schmid
Service Manager, Hekuma GmbH
Komptech GmbH

Case Study Komptech GmbH

Find out how special machine manufacturer Komptech was able to improve internal processes in assembly, production and service by setting up a central information and service portal with 3D data.

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Case Study Borgwaldt Körber Solutions

The Borgwaldt Group - first-point-of-contact when it comes to tobacco processing and blending - generates electronic spare parts catalogs with integrated 3D illustrations directly from NX. Read about the benefits and advantages this brings. 

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* This service is not a consulting workshop, but a free creation of a demo catalog based on a data package provided by you.

** This offer is only valid in the period from March 01, 2021 to April 30, 2021 for customers of Quanos Service Solutions GmbH. It does not involve a consulting workshop, but rather the analysis of a data set provided by the customer and the development of a free demo catalog with this data.