Catalog creator creates spare parts catalogs quickly and easily

Create and Publish Spare Parts Catalogs


Why creating a spare parts catalog is so easy

Catalog creation with service information system

Whether you prefer a full automated process or would you like to be able to manually post-process the spare parts catalogs – You have the choice. We have a solution for everything.

You can create your spare parts catalog in no time at all, either fully automated or with just a few clicks, as you wish

  • User-specific catalogs
  • Fully automated or with independent adjustments of content and layout
  • Configuration changes immediately visible (WYSIWYG)

Integration of systems & data import

Quanos: Import of data into the service information system
  • All service data from the expert systems can be used
  • Data, documents and parts are linked bidirectionally
  • User-dependent access to the data
Service technicians, support staff and customers have different user roles

In order to offer your customers, dealers and employees even greater added value, combine your spare parts information with additional service information, such as circuit diagrams, documentation or instructions. The data from the source systems is consolidated, optimized if necessary, structured and linked bidirectionally. From now on they are available in the spare parts catalog and service information system.

Update catalogs - manually, incrementally or fully automatically

Updating your catalogs has never been easier: If the data in your source systems change, your spare parts catalog can be updated automatically. The spectrum ranges from manual changes in the editor, to automated, incremental updates, to the automated, complete re-creation of your catalogs. In this way, you ensure that you always provide your users with the right information.

Update catalogs automatically or manually

Your advantages

Due to the wide range of possible applications, you can easily respond to different user needs. You create language-specific, machine-specific and user role-specific catalogs.

Creating catalogs is more effective than ever before. You shorten the "time to market" and ensure that information is always up-to-date. You save costs and receive "catalogs on demand" - at the touch of a button or fully automatically.
Save your resources and gain time through efficient creation and maintenance processes.

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Spare parts catalog creation

100 % more catalogs

An equipment manufacturer doubled the number of its brand and Internet catalogs by using a spare parts catalog system.

Save costs

40 % less costs

The cost of creating spare parts catalogs was reduced by 40% through the use of the catalog software.

Man who creates a spare parts catalog

15 min. creation time

A manufacturer only needs about 15 minutes to create an offline catalog. In the past, several weeks were planned for this.

In the twinkling of an eye to your spare parts catalog

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Find out how our interactive catalog system can save you valuable resources and time in the creation of spare parts catalogs.

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Quanos brochure about catalog creation

How to publish the spare parts catalog quickly and easily

Catalog publication in single source procedure
  • Single source method - all data from one source
  • Catalogs on demand - at the touch of a button or fully automated
  • All media are served
  • Can be used anywhere and at any time

With the spare parts catalog system, you can publish catalogs for Internet, Intranet, USB, CD/DVD and paper in a single-source process - all data from a single source - automatically and virtually at the touch of a button.

Generating an Internet catalog from an existing offline catalog? That can be done with just a few mouse clicks. This saves you effort, time and money when publishing your spare parts catalogs.

Your advantage

All relevant information is available for publication in various media. You do not need to make separate adjustments for each medium.

This prevents redundant, incorrect and unnecessary information and reduces the maintenance effort. The result is an improved quality of your service documentation.

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Avoid stacks of paper with digital spare parts catalogs

750,000 pages less paper

By introducing the spare parts catalog software, an equipment manufacturer saves around 750,000 pages of paper per year.

Increased efficiency in catalog publication

367 % improved efficiency

At the same time, catalog production was increased from 300 to 1100 pieces per year.

Update of spare parts catalogs

6 times higher update rate

Providing the latest data is no longer a problem. Thanks to our software, a machine builder updates the spare parts catalogs 6 times more frequently per year than before.

Easy and fast publication of spare parts catalogs

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You want to make working life easier for you and your users in the long term?

Learn how to create spare parts catalogs for any medium at the push of a button and thus save valuable resources and time in spare parts catalog publication.

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Brochure about publication of catalogs
Korsch AG logo

Case Study KORSCH AG

Find out how the plant manufacturer KORSCH, who manufactures tablet presses for a worldwide customer network, offers its customers optimal search functions for spare, wear and product contacting parts in the new digital 2D catalog thanks to the software for electronic spare parts catalogs CATALOGcreator®.

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Borgwaldt logo

Case Study Borgwaldt Körber Solutions

There are other ways to provide information offline. Customers of the Borgwaldt company now receive individualized spare parts catalogs on CD/ USB. In addition, 3D graphics are no longer a problem.

Learn how you can provide your customers with specific 3D catalogs.

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