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The New Service Information System

Lead with smart information – Software for digital spare parts catalogs, service information systems (SIS) and service portals

Quanos helps you

  • to increase sales in the after-sales and spare parts business
  • to create and publish spare parts catalogs manually or automatically
  • to make all service information available in one system 24/7
  • to link technical documents, drawings, circuit diagrams, parts lists, etc. with the spare parts information bidirectionally
  • to trigger fewer erroneous orders
  • to improve the productivity of your employees
  • to perform maintenance more efficiently
  • to increase customer satisfaction
  • and much more

Our new all-in-one service information system Quanos provides everything you need as a manufacturer and operator of machinery and equipment to digitalize and optimize your after-sales service. Quanos enables you to bring together all relevant service information on your machines and plants from the source systems, link them and provide them to every user via a user-friendly interface, from maintenance staff to service technicians, support staff or your customers themselves.

The digital service information system Quanos helps you reach the next level in after-sales.

Quanos is the ideal solution for every use case

Spare parts catalog for manufacturers


Manufacturers of machines, plants and equipment increase their service business with our software for service information systems.

Maintenance of cleaning machine


Operators of machines, plants and vehicle fleets use our software for digital spare parts and maintenance management.

Quanos product brochure

Download product brochure now!

Learn how Quanos supports you in digitalizing your service and maintenance processes. You too can reduce downtime, cut costs and reduce incorrect orders. Download our product brochure on the Quanos service information system.

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How does Quanos work?

Single Point of Service Information

QSS Service View
Create & publish catalogs

Why creating a spare parts catalog is so easy.

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Find & order spare parts

Why you and your team can find the right spare part much easier and faster and order it directly from the system.

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Linked source systems

Import of source data

Quanos links all relevant service information from the source systems, such as ERP, CAD, DMS, CMS, etc..

Available 24/7

Platform for service information

Quanos makes this available to users 24/7 via an intuitive user interface.

360° Service View

Different user roles

Quanos gives your employees, customers and dealers access to the information they need, when they need it.

Your benefits

  • Automated or manual creation and publication of your spare parts catalog / service information system
  • Online, offline, print
  • Identification and ordering of the right spare part in a matter of seconds
  • Centralized provision of information for different target groups
  • One source for all publications and information
  • Integration of maintenance, repair, operating instructions, etc. for service and after sales
  • B2B spare parts store with individual price information and availability depending on the customer
  • Integration of schematics incl. signal tracking
„[…] has much more to offer than a conventional spare parts catalog. We use the software to access a wide range of information from a single, centralized platform: Operation and management instructions, supplier documentation, maintenance and assembly instructions, and the material used can all be accessed easily using the parts search. This service portal represents significant added value for the user and has received a great deal of praise both internally and externally.“
Ingo Klaer
Development Manager, KORSCH
Quanos product brochure

Download product brochure now!

Learn how Quanos supports you in digitalizing your service and maintenance processes. You too can reduce downtime, cut costs and reduce incorrect orders. Download our product brochure on the Quanos service information system.

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Quanos and its possibilities

Quanos service information system
Link Electronic Schematics And Fluid Plans Intelligently With Service Information

To perform their work in customer service or maintenance efficiently, service technicians need quick and easy access to electronic circuit diagrams and fluid plans. If these are integrated into a service information system and intelligently linked to the spare parts catalog and technical documentation, service technicians have an all-in-one information and ordering system for all areas: mechanics, electronics, pneumatics, and hydraulics.


Quanos enables you to comprehensively integrate electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic schematics into our service information system. Without intermediate formats or logic losses, all information required for efficient navigation in the electrical documentation is used for direct data transfer from the ECAD system to the service information system.


Effective error diagnostic, signal tracking, component search as well as spare parts search and ordering are comfortably and professionally supported.

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B2B Spare Parts Shop

Sell your spare parts in no time at all.


Tired of correcting wrong orders? Would you like to focus on selling more spare parts instead?


With our service information system, you can boost the performance of the service team to unlock the value of your technical assets. Dealers, distributors and service staff use state-of-the-art processes and methods to find and order exactly the right part accurately, easily and quickly.


You get an easy-to-use digital ordering system that lets you quickly set up and manage the parts ordering process. You decide which parts and products you want to sell, to which customers, at what price. Your customers can easily add equipment parts to a shopping cart and place orders using the branded forms aligned with your processes. For manufacturers who want to streamline the process even further, we offer the ability to pull real-time pricing and inventory information from your enterprise resource planning systems and transfer the customer order directly into your ERP or e-commerce system.


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3D Visualization

Continuous use of 3D data from design to after-sales.


90% of manufacturing companies use CAD systems to design their machines, vehicles, equipment or plants. But only a few companies make the 3D data available to other internal departments or customers for use. However, here is a lot of potential: 3D data from the CAD system can be used directly for the automated or manual creation of a spare parts catalog or within the technical documentation.


It is configurable which information is to be displayed in which level of detail. In this way, departments such as technical documentation, customer support, the after-sales department or customer consulting benefit - without needing access to your CAD systems.

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Document and Media Portal

All information at a glance.


Integrate your technical documentation, such as repair and maintenance manuals, operating instructions, data sheets, handbooks, and much more, into your service information system. The individual sections of the documentation are linked bidirectionally with assemblies or spare parts. Supplement the written information with graphics, training videos or interactive 3D animations in various file formats.


This way, users of your service information system can jump directly between spare parts and the relevant passage within the documentation. For example, your service technicians can obtain all the information they need at a glance to quickly rectify a malfunction or efficiently carry out a maintenance measure.


The documentation modules can be integrated directly from an editorial system into the Quanos catalog interface.


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Spare Parts Information Anywhere and Anytime

Parts lists, 2D and 3D drawings, service documents and schematics are available to you and your service technician at a glance.


You navigate through a clear tree structure. With visual, graphic support, you can find the information you need with just a few clicks. You can also use the specific search function to reach your destination without detours and find the right part quickly and accurately. The search options go far beyond a keyword or part number - every attribute, every number and every piece of text, even if it is buried deep within an assembly, or even a static document such as a PDF, can be found immediately using our advanced search technology.


Service information is available to your service staff and customers in all media, whether on the Internet, Intranet, USB, CD or paper. For an improved service process, your technician has access - 24/7 - to the complete spare parts and service documentation at any time, no matter where the operation takes place.

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Quanos product brochure

Download product brochure now!

Learn how Quanos supports you in digitalizing your service and maintenance processes. You too can reduce downtime, cut costs and reduce incorrect orders. Download our product brochure on the Quanos service information system.

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Identify spare parts and service information

Simple, fast and accurate

Always find the right information - with short search times when searching for spare parts, wearing parts, accessories and service information

  • User-friendly, intuitive and clear catalogs with complete and up-to-date spare parts and service information
  • Intuitive search across the entire catalog content including documents or specifically in limited areas
  • Bidirectional linking of components with parts list entries and all other included service information
  • Visual representation of machines, assemblies, spare parts
  • Navigation via visual identification using 2D and 3D illustrations, graphics, photos
Finding the right service information in the service information system

In addition to the Quanos product brochure, you can find further information in our brochure "Spare Parts Identification" or on the topic page Finding & ordering spare parts.

Your benefits

  • Your service technician no longer wastes time searching for the information he needs in different systems
  • More efficient service: Fewer trips for the service technician
  • Increase in after-sales revenue and spare parts business
  • Fewer incorrect orders and queries and thus cost savings
  • Reduced workload for the service hotline. The number of callbacks to your service hotline will be significantly reduced
  • Fewer incorrect orders
„Today, representatives can search through the online catalog themselves, thus eradicating 60% of the original support required for spare parts, as inquiries are no longer forwarded to our Customer Service team. Those savings allow us to offset our investment […] easily, and with 40 customer service representatives and a turnover of 132 million euros we have made back our investment in two years.“
Christoph Krump
Manager Spare Parts Business, EREMA

Order spare parts

Everywhere and anytime - 24/7

Order spare parts quickly and easily online

Accelerated processing of spare parts orders - simple, fast, accurate, around the clock

  • Integration of external shops, portal and enterprise resource planning systems
  • Own B2B web store with user administration, shopping cart functionality, order history, discounts, watch list
  • Integration of custom pricing and discounts, availability and storage locations
  • Users can order directly with one click in the system without media disruption - 24/7

In addition to the Quanos product brochure, you can find further information in our brochure "Sell Spare Parts" or on the topic page Identify & Order Spare Parts.

Your benefits

  • Increase in after-sales revenue and spare parts business
  • Fewer incorrect orders and queries and thus cost savings
  • Reduced workload for the support hotline
  • Ordering option 24/7
  • Higher customer and dealer loyalty
  • Direct transfer of the order into the enterprise resource planning system

Create & publish spare parts catalogs and service information systems

Automatically or at the push of a button

With Quanos, you create and publish your catalogs and service information systems automatically and manually in various media.

Has the creation of spare parts catalogs previously taken hours, days, weeks? That's over now. With just a few clicks, you can create and design your spare parts catalog completely tailored to your requirements without any programming knowledge, either automatically or at the push of a button.

  • Standard interfaces for optimal integration of common ERP, PLM, CMS, DMS, CRM, PPS, CAD, CAE, logistics or e-business systems
  • Intelligent linking of your spare parts information with documentation, schematics, parts lists, 2D and 3D graphics as well as automated hotspot creation and bidirectional linking of information
  • Rule-based automated or manual data preparation and cleansing
  • Creation of machine-, customer- and language-specific catalogs
  • Fully automated publishing process for different media: online, offline and print
  • Single-source publishing: all data from one source
  • Automated, semi-automated or manual updates of catalogs
  • Protection of your sensitive catalog data
Quanos Service View

In addition to the Quanos product brochure, you can find further information in our brochures "Catalog Creation" & "Catalog Publication" or on the topic page Creating and Publishing Spare Parts Catalogs.

Your benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Data preparation incl. graphics
  • Administration of parts lists
  • Integration of external sources via flexible interfaces
  • Quality analysis
  • 3D visualization
  • Document and media portal
„We were particularly excited to learn that [...] can easily and rapidly transfer decades-old data onto a modern system.“
Thomas Nagel
Operations Director Claudius Peters Projects GmbH

Check it out for yourself - get to know our software

Convince yourself now and experience in our online demo how you can find and order service information and spare parts with minimal effort.

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Find and order spare parts

With our solution, manufacturers and operators of machines and plants can easily create interactive digital parts catalogs.

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Create und publish catalogs

Create your spare parts catalog fully automatically or with just a few clicks according to your requirements all by yourself.

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