PARTS-PUBLISHER software for spare parts catalogs and service information systems



Since 2000, Docware GmbH has developed and established PARTS-PUBLISHER, an innovative software for digital spare parts catalogs and service information systems. The software allows customers to create and publish their own catalogs, and to identify and sell spare parts quickly and easily. More than 400 customers from the mechanical and plant engineering industry are successfully using PARTS-PUBLISHER.

Manufacturers and operators of machines, plants and equipment are able to import all their service-relevant information such as BOMs, documentation or 2D or 3D graphics into PARTS-PUBLISHER - regardless of which inventory system is used. In this way, they create a data pool that can be edited at any time and reused as often as required. The result is a service information system with a 360° service view of the machines and systems. All information is structured, linked and digitally processed. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, service technicians, customers or distributors can now quickly and easily access all maintenance-relevant information and directly place spare parts orders. Incorrect orders, downtimes and tedious spare parts searches are thus a thing of the past.

Among the extensive features of the PARTS-PUBLISHER software, the following key features stand out in particular:

  • Authoring environment with extensive configuration and customization options
  • Highest quality assurance through preview of the catalog and modification options before publication (WYSIWYG editor)
  • Flexible integration and bidirectional linking of documentation, 3D & 2D graphics, animations, as well as schematics, hydraulic and pneumatic plans including the complete logic
  • Single-source publishing: all data for all catalog media (online, offline, paper) from one source, regular updates with minimal effort
  • Extensive visualization and search tools for easy identification of the required parts
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PARTS-PUBLISHER and CATALOGcreator® develop further

from spare parts catalog to Digital Information Twin (DIT)

Since the beginning of 2020, the two leading providers of software for digital spare parts catalogs and service information systems - Docware and TID Informatik - have been operating jointly on the market. With the merger of the two companies to form Quanos Service Solutions, the range of services is also growing. As a new and existing customer, you will benefit equally from the "Best of PARTS-PUBLISHER and CATALOGcreator®" - the new service information system Quanos

Machine with service information

Spare parts catalog was yesterday - Digital Information Twin (DIT) will be tomorrow

We will guide you on the way there

The Digital Information Twin supports the goal of synchronizing information and documents of all components of a product in one platform and bringing them into a digital context. The DIT thus serves as a life cycle protocol or long-term memory of a product or machine.

You too can create the basis for the future of your company. Trust in the expertise of the leading provider in the spare parts catalog business!

Benefit from our competence and knowledge

Our new product highlight Quanos brings the best of both solutions together. It combines the advantages and the variety of innovative ideas with proven functions. It continues to offer all previous customers of Docware and TID the accustomed advantages and much more. The software is maturing into a product highlight that is always one step ahead in innovation and feature diversity. And it goes even further!

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„With PARTS-PUBLISHER we were able to automate the creation of our spare parts documentation and thus considerably shorten the creation and publication processes. At the same time, we were able to increase the diversity of our publications through database-based single-source publishing. The system is also open for far-reaching extensions and is therefore absolutely future-proof.“
Olaf Maier
Putzmeister | Deputy management TD group leader spare parts documentation
„Our customers want to operate their intralogistics systems as efficiently as possible. PARTS-PUBLISHER catalogues are an excellent help in this respect. Thanks to plant-specific data provision, extensive search options, clear 3D models and integrated circuit diagrams, they can find what they need quickly and accurately. With PARTS-PUBLISHER, spare parts procurement is easier, incorrect orders are virtually impossible and delivery is faster.“
Roland Lachenmaier
viastore SYSTEMS | Head of Department After Sales
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Success rates of our customers

Efficiency increase in the creation of spare parts catalogs

367% improved efficiency in catalog production

Cost savings in catalog production

40 % less costs for the creation of spare parts catalogs

Correct ordering of spare parts

20 % less incorrect orders

These customers already use PARTS-PUBLISHER successfully

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